Breakthroughs In Unwanted Hair Removal


Unwanted Hair Removal That's Safe And Effective

With unwanted hair removal becoming an important part of personal grooming, new research into more efficient methods that give longer lasting results are being introduced recently.

While shaving to remove unwanted hair is still by far the most commonly used method even though results last only a day or two, more people are seeking out longer lasting methods of permanent unwanted hair removal.

Among the newer methods of unwanted hair removal is a process that uses radio frequencies to kill hair growth in follicles. This is a patented system that claims with a few applications, your unwanted hairs will not grow back.

Unwanted Hair Removal Effectiveness

According its manufacturer, this system of permanent hair removal has been clinically tested and found to be as effective as electrolysis without the pain, skin irritations and possible scarring.

It is an FDA approved, non-invasive form of permanent unwanted hair removal that does not use any needles, is convenient to use in the privacy of your own home and can be used on any part of your face or body.

System Of Unwanted Hair Removal

The system consists of a base unit plus two different hair removal attachments. One attachment looks like a tweezer and was specifically designed to remove individual hairs. The other attachment allows you to use the permanent hair removal patches, designed to treat all of the hairs under the patch area.

These are not like the tweezers you might be used to. Your NOT pulling or plucking. You simply hold the unwanted hair between the specially designed tips and press the button. This will send a dry, radio frequency wave through the hair killing it at the root.

unwanted-hair-removal-image10.jpgHold the hair under slight tension and in about a minute or so the hair gently and painlessly slides out of the follicle. You should notice a small whitish bulb at the end of the hair, this indicates a properly treated hair that has damaged/destroyed that hairs ability to regrow.

This is perfect for eyebrows, upper lip, breasts, or any other area where there are stray hairs you want to permanently remove. The tweezer attachment will easily remove stubborn coarse hairs.

Search for independent consumer product reviews for the effectiveness of this system of permanent unwanted hair removal.

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