Unwanted Hair Removal Introduction


Effective Unwanted Hair Removal Methods

For many, unwanted hair removal is a often an unpleasant and intrusive process. Yet it is an essential part of personal grooming. Ideally, it should be done in a clinic or spa but because of the cost factor, many opt for do it yourself home remedies such as using hair removal creams.

Some ways to remove unwanted hair are tweezing, shaving, waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal. Of these, shaving is the most common although results are temporary and often shaving every other day is necessary to maintain smooth, hairless skin. Another disadvantage is that your skin can suffer irritations in the form of razor burn, redness and bumps.

Tweezing gives slightly longer lasting results. This method of unwanted hair removal is time consuming and sometimes painful.

Waxing is an option that gives results lasting several weeks. It is however not without its drawbacks. This method is good for removing longer hair but is painful for short hairs less than a quarter of an inch long. So after the intial waxing treatment, you may have to wait till hair strands grow out before attempting another waxing session. This may be unpleasant as skin tends to itch when hair is growing out.

An effective method of unwanted hair removal is by using electrolysis. Removing unwanted hair by electrolysis is done by professionals who insert a needle into hair follicles to send electric currents to the hair root. This current kills the hair root, which results in permanent hair removal. This is very time-consuming and painful process but results are long lasting.

Another increasingly popular way to remove hair permanently is laser hair removal. However this procedure can cause skin redness, irritations and even inflammation. Laser hair removal is long lasting but an expensive.

unwanted-hair-removal-image2.jpgOver the counter creams are cheap and effective. Depilatory hair removal creams are easily applied and removes unwanted hair from skin surface by breaking down hair bonds. Some people may have adverse reactions to the ingredients of these creams resulting in skin rash or inflammation.

If your skin is not sensitive to depilatory hair removal creams, this is one of the cheapest and most effective methods of unwanted hair removal.

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