Unwanted Hair Removal Claims


Are Unwanted Hair Removal Claims Real?

Ads for unwanted hair removal often make claims that sound nothing short of miraculous. These claims should be looked at closely and further researched to determine their authenticity.

Marketing terms have no specific definitions and businesses don't necessarily use factual information to formulate their marketing campaigns.

Both unwanted hair removal practioners and products use broad terms such as "permanent hair removal" which customers understand to mean "forever". But in the beauty industry, the term "permanent" could be used loosely to mean "long term".

This is because hair follicles can be made to lie dormant or inactive for months, thus in a way fulfilling unwanted hair removal advertising claims. But hair will grow back in the future.

With procedures such as electrolysis, customers often have to go for several sessions to ensure that dormant hair follicles are completely removed to prevent future hair growth. Even then, most hair removal practitioners would be careful about guaranteeing permanent hair removal in writing.

But what about laser hair removal? Does it provide a permanent solution? Laser hair removal is the lastest in hair removal technology which uses a more efficient method by using beam of light to destroy or at least to disable the hair follicles without harming the skin around the hair.

unwanted-hair-removal-image4.jpgInstead of treating each hair follicle individually as is done in electrolysis, laser hair removal treats an area of hair and removes hair more efficiently and effectively. The treatment is less painful than electrolysis. However it is an expensive treatment which requires multiple sessions.

The number of sessions required would depend on many factors including the amount of hair to be removed, the hair colour and location, and your skin tone.

So do study your options carefully and take claims of unwanted hair removal with caution.

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