Unwanted Hair Removal Solutions For Women


Options For Unwanted Hair Removal For Women

Women who seek unwanted hair removal treatment do so for different reasons from men. Women tend to do so for aesthetic or cultural reasons such as on arms and legs. Women also seek long term solutions for removing unwanted hair from areas on the face such as the upper lip or eyebrow.

Unwanted Facial Hair Removal

Eyebrow hair is the most common facial hair that women remove to shape it. This is usually done with a pair of tweezers regularly. The method is cheap but can be painful and time consuming. Hair is individually plucked out forcefully. This sometimes causes ingrown hairs or scarring.

Methods Of Removing Facial Hair

Electrolysis is the oldest form of removing hair that when done properly, results in hair follicles being unable to regenerate hair that leads to the desired permanent hair removal. The process is painful and time-consuming as a sterilized needle is inserted into each hair follicle.

Another method that offers more long lasting results is laser hair removal. This option of unwanted hair removal uses a light beam that destroys or disables hair follicles. Laser hair removal requires multiple visits depending on the color of your skin tone, the color and location of hair to be removed. Less painful than electrolysis, laser hair removal is a costly process.

unwanted-hair-removal-image4.jpgIntense Pulsed Light Hair Removal is an increasingly popular alternative to laser hair removal. It does not remove hair permanently but rather reduces the amount of unwanted hair. This unwanted hair removal procedure is deemed to be gentler than electrolysis or laser but uses a similar technology to laser and can cover large areas unwanted hair effectively.

It also requires multiple treatments and can cause minor skin irritations such as redness. Skin discoloration can also occur if the procedure is not done properly. Skin should avoid direct exposure to sunlight a few days before and after this unwanted hair removal procedure.

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